Writing Test Cases, Testing Meetup in Sydney, Call from Potential Employer, Selenium IDE, New Tools for Testing

Here is short update on what have been up to in first half of August 2019.   Writing Test Cases In my previous post I mentioned volunteering project that I started. Over the period of 3 weeks I’ve been writing test cases and doing manual testing of web app. Although I move not too fast, it is interesting to learn how to write good test cases. I submitted around 20

First Real Project, Learning Groovy, GitHub, Resources

Here is summary of what I’ve been up to  between  end of July – first week of August 2019. First Real Project Well, it looks like I found an opportunity to get some hands-on experience that I’ve been looking for the last month or so. Really excited to get involved in this… I posted a message in Facebook ( found several start-up groups  based in Sydney) asking for a project

Why Blog?

Why Blog?   To be honest, I’ve been quite busy recently. Nevertheless, I decided to start this blog.  Why? What I will be writing about? There are many articles on the internet discussing benefits of starting a professional blog. In my case, these are main reason why I decided to do it -Keep track of what I have done to become better tester and find a job. -Stay committed -Help