Technical web testing 101 Course

This post is a short reflection mostly for myself. I hope it will help me to improve my testing using the things I learned in this course.

Keep doing

  • use browser dev tools for mobile testing
  • use browser dev tools to monitor errors in console
  • use browser network tab in dev tools to monitor errors, modify requests, use it in my bug reports

Should do / do better / more often

  • use DOM to bypass GUI validation (where possible)
  • use proxies (Fiddler, BurpSuite, Zaproxy) to monitor web traffic and modify requests
  • use JavaScript snippets to aid my testing
  • explore JavaScript functions and objects using browser dev console to aid my testing (refer to todo MVC example)
  • use breakpoints in browser dev tools to understand what part of the code is related to the bug and how app works
  • keep learning browser dev tools documentation to be able to use tools more effectively
  • edit cookies to find security issues
  • export requests in browser dev tools so I can attach them to bug reports
  • check page source and try to understand the code
  • in browser dev tools, copy as fetch then pass to .map() function to test against data set quicker
  • take screenshots of the nodes via inspect tool
  • create templates for visual models
  • break down the system into multiple layers to create better mental model, technical model

Should stop doing

  • not use visualisation enough in my testing
  • not using visualisation because of my perfectionism (apply principle how little can you get away with)

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