Some thoughts, interesting links and mindmaps related to 30 Days of API Testing challenge.


30 Days Of testing MoT

30 Days Of testing is a series of discussions (ongoing) that you can find on Ministry of Testing Website Latest 30 Days of Testing topics – The Club. I found them very helpful. There are series on various topics, such as

  • Exploratory
  • API Testing
  • E-commerce Testing
  • Agile Testing
  • Accessibility Testing
  • Automation in Testing
  • Testability

It is always easier to learn things when you follow some sort of guide or user some kind of structure.

Another great thing is that you can share your findings, ask questions and see what other people done to complete each day of a challenge. Participants have different expertise, experience, opinions and preferences, they share different resources so, in the end, I think everyone benefits because we can see a bigger picture by sharing.

Mindmaps 30 Days of API Testing

I decided to make this post so that I can attach some mindmaps and links that I retained after completing 30 Days of API Testing.

Download XMind mindmaps:

Here is the list of mindmaps: XMind

  1. mindmap.API testing.day2.How would you approach API Exploratory Testing.xmind
  2. mindmap.API testing.day4.resource on HTTP and how it works.xmind
  3. mindmap.API testing.day11.types of apis.xmind
  4. mindmap.API testing.day12.skills for API testing.xmind
  5. mindmap.API testing.day13.Most popular API Automation Tools.xmind
  6. mindmap.API testing.day23.HTTP status codes.xmind

skills for API testing

HTTP Status Codes mindmap

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