Here is short update on what have been up to in first half of August 2019.


Writing Test Cases

In my previous post I mentioned volunteering project that I started. Over the period of 3 weeks I’ve been writing test cases and doing manual testing of web app. Although I move not too fast, it is interesting to learn how to write good test cases. I submitted around 20 issues using GitHub and some of them have already been fixed. Looks like I am making impact. Very excited about that.

Testing Meetup in Sydney

My first testing meetup: Agile Testing Transformations @Microsoft Reactor on Thursday, August 8. That was interesting experience. Not everything that presenters talked about was clear for me, but that definitely showed me that Meetups are worth attending. New connections, announcements about other interesting events, interesting insights from people who have extensive experience in IT and many other things. Will do my best to attend next event.



Sydney Testers Agile Testing Transformations @Microsoft Reactor


Sydney Testers Agile Testing Transformations @Microsoft Reactor



Call from Potential Employer

As I keep learning testing and working on project I mentioned above, I also apply for jobs I foind on Surprisingly, this week I got my first call from potential employer. Person from HR department asked me several questions including:
-Why you decided to shift carrier (from Electrical Engineer to Software tester)?
-What do you like in Software Testing?
-Tell me about your websites (I mentioned that I built 3 websites and was involved in mobile app development)?
-What are you look for in organisation (potential employer)?
-What are your expectations regarding salary?


Selenium IDE

Started another free online course from Test Automation University: Codeless Test Automation with Selenium IDE by Dave Haeffner. Great tool. Not sure if it is codeless. Cant’t wait to learn more and try to create my own automations. 


Tools for Testing

Found a bunch of interesting tools for testing. Please see links on my Resourses page:

  • Gifski2. Gifski makes it easy to edit, convert, and share your videos as GIFs.
  • QAReplay. QAReplay records screen continuously but only preserve the last 15 seconds before you clicked the snap button
  • Mac CLi. OS X command line tools for developers – The ultimate tool to manage your Mac.
  • Bidbar. Save the most important commands in the menu bar
  • WorkFlowy. The Infinite Document. Offers a simpler way to stay organised.


How use WorkFlowy to plan and organize my testing activities
How use WorkFlowy to plan and organize my testing activities

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