Here is summary of what I’ve been up to  between  end of July – first week of August 2019.

First Real Project

Well, it looks like I found an opportunity to get some hands-on experience that I’ve been looking for the last month or so. Really excited to get involved in this… I posted a message in Facebook ( found several start-up groups  based in Sydney) asking for a project to work on. Surprisingly, next day I discovered in my inbox message from co-founder of  start-up company. 


Learning Groove

Started to read a book about groovy. It is a good book but there are 900+ pages.  Hmmm…Googled couple of online resources for Groovy beginners. It turned out that Groovy basics are not so complicated as I though before. Ad it is surprisingly interesting – to learn a programming language. I think I will learn it eventually. I just need some time and quite place.



Every week discover something new. So exciting.  This week I created GitHub account. Pretty cool tool. It is amazing how many things are free on the Internet



Keep adding links on my Resources page. Recent findings: Definitions and Abbreviations, DevSheet App, Testing Podcasts.

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