Why Blog?


To be honest, I’ve been quite busy recently. Nevertheless, I decided to start this blog.  Why? What I will be writing about?

There are many articles on the internet discussing benefits of starting a professional blog. In my case, these are main reason why I decided to do it

  • -Keep track of what I have done to become better tester and find a job.
  • -Stay committed
  • -Help me to find solutions to problems that I face  and be more efficient as I move forward in learning and job search process
  • -Save notes about useful resources, solutions related to errors.

As I mentioned, these days I have  pretty hectic schedule. So hopefully, 1-2 short  posts every 2 weeks would be something that I will be able to maintain.

Here’s what I can write about to reach the goals I listed above.

  • -What I have learned over the last 1-2 weeks.
  • -What I have done to find job.
  • -What interesting resources I found.
  • -Discuss what problems faced and what I can do to solve them.

So here is what I have been up to over the last 2 weeks ( 1st two weeks of July 2019).

  • -Kept learning API testing on Udemy:
    • -Learned how to run tests in Eclipse; run multiple tests; define testNG.xml file for one single aTrigger point to all tests; how to run xml file from command line; how to view report.
    • -Completed 50% of course.
  • -Completed CSS course on codecademy.
  • -Finished my website and resume.
  • -Asked some of my friends to help me find internship / volunteering project to get some testing experience; sent them my resume and link to online portfolio.

Found some interesting resources about testing:

  • Testing platforms/communities



Is it worth to spend time on building a website?


Is it Worth Spending Time on Building an Online Portfolio and Blog? 


Will help  it  me to find a job. Not necessarily. But I am sure it will increase my chances.

I am worried that I am moving too slowly. Do I focus on the right things? What I probably need to do is

  • -Prioritise tasks and use time efficiently.  Ask myself what are 1-3 most important things which will help me to come closer to my goal.
  • -Complete courses which I started.
  • -Keep practicing on Utest.
  • -Keep looking for opportunities to join real testing projects as volunteer or intern (friends of friends, meetups, Facebook groups)

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