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04 | Tavern REST API Testing Examples

Tags: API REST testing Automation Date: July 2020 GitHub: link Project description. I created 30+ examples of API tests demonstrating the main functionality of Tavern Testing tool.  Along with Tavern Docs, this might be a helpful resource for someone who just started to learn  Tavern. I used free public APIs to go through Tavern documentation and learn how to use it: api.zippopotam.us jsonplaceholder.typicode.com gorest.co.in recipepuppy.com dropboxapi.com Some examples of Tavern


02 | Aerofiler

      Tags: API REST testing Automation manual testing Year: 2019-20 App description:   Web based document management system. Manual testing. Main activities: – regression testing, – end-2-end testing, – sanity testing, – documenting test cases, – bug reporting. Web UI test automation. Tools: Selenium, Python, pytest.  API test automation. Tools: Tavern, Python, pytest.  Some topics/areas learned: – Unix(MacOS) command line – Finding web elements using inspect tool – Manipulating web