Project Description




Year: 2019-20

App description:   Web based document management system.

Manual testing. Main activities:

  • - regression testing,
  • - end-2-end testing,
  • - sanity testing,
  • - documenting test cases,
  • - bug reporting.

Web UI test automation. Tools: Selenium, Python, pytest. 

API test automation. Tools: Tavern, Python, pytest. 

Some topics/areas learned:

  • - Unix(MacOS) command line
  • - Finding web elements using inspect tool
  • - Manipulating web elements using Javascript
  • - Headless tests
  • - Git, Github (filing issues, using VCS )
  • - Jenkins (install, create and run jobs - Selenium UI tests)
  • - PyCharm
  • - Pytest, test parametrization, fixtures

Lessons learned

  1. Practice is the best way to acquire new skills in testing.
  2. There is always an opportunity to add value to a project as a tester even if you are a beginner.
  3. It is important to use different ways to develop your skills and overcome obstacles: online resources and courses, online communities, offline networking, books.
  4. Having a test plan or at least outline of main modules and features of the app can be really helpful especially when you have to prioritize tests and identify the most important areas.

Project Details