06 | Exploratory Testing Google Keep App

Tags: exploratory-testing Date: July 2021 GitHub: link Project description. A series of posts and videos demonstrating exploratory testing of a real app – Google Keep. Testing notes and resources can be found in ObsidianMD starter kit (vault)  on GitHub which I use as an exploratory testing tool. Other testers and QA enthusiasts are welcome to use it as a starter kit. Let’s imagine we have a real app to test

featured image abn lookup web ui testing

05 | ABN Lookup Web UI Test Automation Examples

Tags: web UI testing automation Selenium Date: March 2021 GitHub: link Project description. Examples of automated web UI tests built using Selenium, Python and Pyleniumio.   Here are details of the tests : Tests : TC-1 Steps: Open browser and navigate to https://abr.business.gov.au/ Type” Automic” in the lookup field Expected: The search results shall contain   TC-2 Steps: Execute TC-1 Click on link “27 152 260 814” Expected: ABN details should

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03 | Flatmates.com.au

      Tags: web UI testing automation Selenium Date: October 2020 GitHub: link App description:   Probably, the most popular Australian website to search for shared accommodation. Project description. I used flatmates.com.au to practice web UI test automation. I wrote around 15 test functions using Pytest and Pylenium (nice Selenium wrapper). Test parametrization allowed me to use some test functions to test multiple input combinations. Challenging parts. The website uses


02 | Aerofiler

      Tags: API REST testing Automation manual testing Year: 2019-20 App description:   Web based document management system. Manual testing. Main activities: – regression testing, – end-2-end testing, – sanity testing, – documenting test cases, – bug reporting. Web UI test automation. Tools: Selenium, Python, pytest.  API test automation. Tools: Tavern, Python, pytest.  Some topics/areas learned: – Unix(MacOS) command line – Finding web elements using inspect tool – Manipulating web