featured image abn lookup web ui testing
featured image abn lookup web ui testing

Project Description

Date: March 2021

GitHub: link

Project description. Examples of automated web UI tests built using Selenium, Python and Pyleniumio.


Here are details of the tests :

Tests :

  • TC-1

    • Steps:

    • Expected:

      • The search results shall contain

search results abn lookup



  • Steps:

    • Execute TC-1

    • Click on link “27 152 260 814”

  • Expected:

    • ABN details should contain
  • abn details

Challenges. I learned that when we use "contains text" method to find web elements, we should be careful. Elements which contain the same text can be invisible. As a result, the test script will be using the wrong element and test results can be very confusing ("Why the test fails? The element was found correctly! - Are you sure?"). 

Tools and Languages:

  • Python
  • Selenium
  • pytest 
  • Pylenium.io


Project Details