featured image tavern api testing
featured image tavern api testing

Project Description

Date: July 2020

GitHub: link

Project description. I created 30+ examples of API tests demonstrating the main functionality of Tavern Testing tool.  Along with Tavern Docs, this might be a helpful resource for someone who just started to learn  Tavern. I used free public APIs to go through Tavern documentation and learn how to use it:

  • api.zippopotam.us
  • jsonplaceholder.typicode.com
  • gorest.co.in
  • recipepuppy.com
  • dropboxapi.com

Some examples of Tavern tests:

  • Sending request and checking response status code, json response, headers.
  • Using external function to validate the response..
  • Using built-in Tavern schema validators.
  • Test parametrization.
  • Multi-stage tests.
  • Using external configuration files.
  • Uploading file.
  • Creating and reading resources using APIs.

Challenging parts. The very first steps were difficult because they involved setting up and configuring Tavern. 

Tools and Languages:

  • Python
  • Yaml
  • Tavern
  • pytest 
  • Postman


Project Details