This is a short post where I simply list key milestones in my testing journey so far.

I was planning to publish at least one blog post every month. Unfortunately due to some health issues, I skipped a couple of months. That’s why I decided it is much better to publish at least a very short article rather than delay next post for a few more months.

  • month 0 (01/2019) – discussed  pathways to  Testing and my expectations on how to shift to a Testing / QA with a couple of my friends who work in QA. At the time could not find a job as an  Electrical Engineer and worked as a  courier.
  • month 4 (04/2019) – got ISTQB Foundation Level Certification.
  • month 7 (07/2019) –  completed several online courses including: uTest Academy, HTML & CSS (Codecademy), REST API Testing with SOAP UI  (udemy.com). 
  • month 8 (08/2019) – started testing  internship at Aerofiler. My working schedule: 1 day testing + 4 days courier work.
  • month 9 (09/2019) – attended several testing meetups in Sydney.
  • month 10 (10/2019) – started to learn  Python. Completed short GitHub course.
  • month 15 (03/2020) – started to learn REST API testing
  • month 16 (04/2020) – set up a small batch of scheduled automated WebUI tests (Selenium, pytest) using AWS EC2 and Jenkins. Completed short Unix command line basics course.
  • month 18 (06/2020) – created GitHub repo with  30+ API tests using pytest plugin – Tavern.  
  • month 20 (08/2020) –  starting from August I got paid as a manual tester on a day rate basis. My working schedule: 1 day manual testing internship + 1 day test automation practice at home + 3 days courier work.



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