Tavern Rest API Testing Examples

Tavern API Testing Examples

Tavern API Testing Examples “Tavern is a pytest plugin, command-line tool and Python library for automated testing of APIs, with a simple, concise and flexible YAML-based syntax” (https://taverntesting.github.io/) I created GitHub repo containing 30+ simple Tavern test examples and decided  to share it on my website.  I think it can helpful for someone like me who has just started to learn Tavern  or looking for a  tool to automate API


Create “Unique” PDF Files: Test data generation for Python Selenium End-to-End Test Automation

GitHub repository: pdfhandy This is the first article where I finally got courage to share some code from my  first Test Automation Project. I started to learn Python and Selenium in November 2019. Since then I managed to write  a few test, but most importantly, think I’ve built some kind of foundation for scaling and improving my tests.   Probably most satisfying was seeing  a steady growth of short snippets which